Our Green Policy

Before rushing out to buy a new appliance, please consider carefully the implications your decision will have on global warming and climate change.
The manufacturing of new machines involves the processing and transportation of many new raw materials.
This all adds up to huge emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, giving rise to further global warming.
In contrast to this, a repair to your appliance uses only about 5% of the carbon emissions that a new replacement would.
In addition to this, landfill sites are already at bursting point making disposal of old appliances environmentally unfriendly.

Repairing your appliance as opposed to replacing it will not only save you money but will also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Safe Disposal of old appliances

We take our corporate policy seriously and dispose of all our waste including scrap appliances in an environmentally responsible, safe manner.
All waste is disposed of following strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

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